Graphite as a material has the following desirable features: a compact and well-distributed structure, an ability to handle and perform in high and intense heat environments, good electrical conductivity, compression resistance, and ease of processing.

GraphitepicGraphite is used to manufacture high-temperature crucibles utilized in metallurgy, as a lubricant in mechanical manufacturing, for electrodes and pencil lead. It is also used as a refractory material and mold coating in the metallurgical industry, as a stabilizer of fire in certain military applications, as a carbon brush in the electric motor industry, as electrodes in battery manufacturing, and as a catalyst in the chemical fertilizer industry.

Graphitepic2By deep processing crystalline flake graphite, high-tech products such as colloidal graphite, graphite sealing materials and composite materials, graphite products and graphite wear-reducing additives can also be produced. These products have become important non-metal mineral raw materials for numerous industrial applications.