In the past years the company has carried out extensive development in the field of clean technologies for cost-effective production of graphite bipolar plates. The excellent properties of our materials and components have been proven by many fuel cell manufacturers worldwide.

Our material technology development targeted at a very high graphite content of the plates in order to achieve an outstanding electrical conductivity together with an excellent corrosion resistance and both high mechanical strength and flexural strain.

What is Graphite Bipolar Plate?

p1Bipolar plate is a multifunctional component within the PEM fuel cell stack. It connects and separates the individual fuel cells in series to form a fuel cell stack with required voltage, aids uniform distribution of fuel gas and oxygen over the whole active surface area of the membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA), conducts electrical current from the anode of one cell to the cathode of the next, facilitates water management within the cell, supports thin membrane and electrodes and clamping forces for the stack assembly, among other things. Essentially the bipolar plates are the electrically-conducting plates which join together the anode of one cell to the cathode of another.