20081015171916453High purity graphite is used in metallurgy and the mechanical, aviation, electronic, atomic energy, chemical, nuclear energy and food industries and a variety of other fields. High purity graphite is graphite with a carbon content of more than 99.99%. High-purity graphite can be pided into coarse-grain graphite, nuclear graphite, space graphite, and fine-grain graphite (maximum grain diameter is less than 0.075mm). It has a compact and well-distributed structure, and it also has the characteristics of high intensity, great vibration resistance, high-temperature resistance, good inoxidizability, low electrical resistivity, high purity, and easiness of precision machining.

The one-baking, two- baking, three- baking, and four- baking high-purity graphite produced by our company has the characteristics of high purity, high intensity, and high wear resistance. It can be used in electric spark, sintering, casting, crucible,boat, positive pole of electrode, and mold casting.

chanpin11In April 2003, two types of square and round high-purity graphite of 1200×400×300 and Φ640×400 were successfully developed. After successful development of this product, experts from the Science and Technology Department of Inner Mongolia Province conducted evaluation of this product and believed it has filled in the production gap of the domestic carbon industry. In November 2005, the product obtained a national invention patent. In 2005, the “Large High-Purity Graphite Industrialization Project” of the Company was assessed as a National Torch Program project. At present, this product is under mass production with an annual capacity of 3000 tons, and its output and quality are the best in China. The Company has an independent right to engage in product import and export, and it has also obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system certifications and the ISO 14001: 2000 environment system certification.